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Good morning😊

I hope everyone is fine. Today blog is written by Hamza. Extremely sorry for the delay. Today I will try to write in English, if anyone will not be able to understand please refer to google sensei, Deepl, ChatGPT or me. 

The temperature is increasing gradually, please everyone take care of yourselves. Especially the people on site, have a bottle of water with yourself and be hydrated. 

 This year, the new site of Kamo Teabo is assigned to me as site supervisor. The project starts from 1 April and will end around next year in end of February. Up till now, the preparation of documents (estimation, 3D modelling, safety assessment, site current situation) for the project is undergoing. The feasibility of project is checked, and we asked revision of drawings to be able to carry out project smoothly. I tried to make 3d model of the whole project and carried out surveying of current situation of the site. 


As for 3d modelling of project, I am able to create modelling but there are some mistakes of height.  The drawing under the bridge is complex for understanding. Especially the cross-section drawings, the pitch of the cross-section is 20m which sometimes make it difficult to calculate the height between sections. As for now, my 3d modelling for project is not 100 percent correct but I learned the software how to carry out 3d modeling. By some more experience, I hope I will be able to create 3d models with precision.  

For the assessment of current situation of site, we carried out survey by laser scanning. I learned the laser scanning from Habo san(ありがとうございます土生さん)I think I am able to carry it out. Still cannot be able to use the data from laser scanner to make 3d model on MAGNET software. 

As for private life, I visited my family last month in Pakistan. 😍 The trip was memorable. I enjoyed a lot in Pakistan. I visited Qatar. Recently after FIFA world cup, the country has changed a lot. To my Suprise also, the food of Qatar was very tasty. 🤤

After coming to Japan, we had dinner with young blood of Takagi Kensetsu to discuss purpose of infinity meetings. (ありがとうございます溝口さんと髙木さん)。

That's all from my side. 読んでくれてありがとうございます。

次回のブログは川原 歩瀬さん。よろしくお願いします😊